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How to choose the massage chair that best fits to your necessities?


When you buy a massage chair, you expect it to have benefits for both your physical health and emotional well-being. Today there are many brands, models, functions and added extras … so what should you take into account when choosing a massage chair?

Here are a series of characteristics that you should take into account when buying a massage chair:

• Feel comfortable when you sit in it: it seems basic, and it is, but necessary. Sit in the chair, move a little in the seat. There are massage chairs that are more comfortable or are better molded to a specific body type or to a specific physical need.

• The intensity of the massage has to be adequate for you: because if that is not the case, instead of benefits through the massage, it can harm us. For those who prefer a more intense massage, they have to look for a massage chair with more protruding components and stronger movements. Those who, on the other hand, prefer a less intense massage will look for chairs with smaller rollers and less strong movements.

• Real scaning system of your spine and shoulder position: it is really important feature for the massage to be totally effective and personalized for you. The sensors placed on the chair must scan the height, shape and size of the body in order to fully adjust and customize the massage for you.

• Different programs so that the whole family can use it: nowadays each of us has different problems and needs, we suffer from muscle stiffness, fatigue and tension in different areas of the body. A massage chair with several and diverse automatic programs will be more suitable when it comes to using it for the whole family, covering all kinds of needs: relaxation, start-up, pain relief, circulation, etc.

• Make sure that everything is adjustable: intensity of the rollers, speed, width …: Our perception and needs change from one day to the other, that is why you have to make sure that the massage chair you buy has all the adjustable functions so that you can use it on a long-term according to your needs at all times. Remember !: a massage chair is an investment in your health and future.

• Verify the origin and quality of the manufacturer: it is important that we verify the quality and manufacturer of the chair, since in the end it is an item that we will use every day and will be in constant contact with our body. It is important to verify that the product has a quality certificate and approved by a doctor to ensure that it will only bring benefits for our body and mind.